Kitchen Wrapping Vinyls

Kitchen and furniture wrapping has become a very popular way of transforming your kitchen or bedroom wardrobes into something completely different, giving your kitchen a stylish new look at a fraction of the cost of replacement. It is also environmentally friendly because instead of ripping out your old kitchen and taking all the doors, worktops and carcasses to the tip you are simply replacing the surface of the doors and worktops. The uses of these vinyl’s is endless as it can be used to cover all kinds of furniture, at home or in the workplace, even backdrops and film sets. Our standard L Grade gloss and M Grade matt vinyl’s can be used on doors and the worktops can be covered with the marble and woodgrain finishes.

Covering kitchen doors and worktops can be done by a competent do it yourselfer or if you give us a call we could point you in the right direction of a Professional Kitchen Wrapper.

Take a look at the available finishes in marble and wood grain on our website by clicking the link:                                                  WOOD GRAIN AND MARBLE VINYLS

We also have a range of mirror, brushed aluminium films and gemstone sparkle vinyls to complement your kitchen. To view click on the following links:





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