AURA 191 Microprismatic Reflective Sheeting

AURA® 191 is a metallised microprismatic reflective sheeting with an external durability of 5yrs and meets specification EN-12899 Class RA2. This film also incorporates a proprietary Hybrid Polymer™ technology, which means the sheeting is strong and impact resistant while still being easy to cut, trim, or install.

Its metallised single ply construction means this product does not require edge sealing which eliminate water ingress and the aggressive high tack adhesive prevents edge lifting, making this product ideal for the manufacture of chapter 8 chevron kits. The red coloured film has a kraft backing liner making it cuttable on a plotter.

AURA® 191 is available in rolls of 1220mm x 50yds or pre-cut stripes in 150mm x 50yds.




Aura 191 Red Prismatic Reflective














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